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The warranties of Klinikák Dent Office

The fundamentals of all our activities our based on the qualification, skills and devotion of our colleagues, who use the forever renewing tools and material range with significant practical experience and continuously being at the state-of-the-art. Our office is a training center too, where VaLiD Dental- Medical NagykereskedÅ‘ház Kft (Wholesaler Ltd.) organizes regular medical training programs which are led by the highest professional experts all over the world. As a result, our colleagues are aware of information and the latest research and development.

Our doctors our specialized in different areas and they help each other.

Due to this our office provides the latest and the most advanced range of tools and materials in dentistry profession, including 3M, Alpro, Belmont, CEMM Dental Hi-Tech, Diaswiss, Fuji, KERR, Kettenbach, New Life Radiology, Nordisca, Philips, Sybron Endo, W and H, etc.

We pay much attention to prevention, monitoring and giving information to children, youngsters and adults about oral hygiene. The basis of warranty validation is regular checkings. We organize free oral monitoring days, which are very popular.

The individual treatment plan is based on a comprehensive medical history and it contains predetermined price information and price warranty.

An important condition regarding warranty validation is your hygiene and taking care of cleanness. The disinfection and sterilization of tools is done in a very well equipped room. Our treatment units are continuously cleaned with a technique preventing the building up of a special inner biofilm, which technique ensures avoiding the development of contamination and cross-contamination. We also pay special attention to disinfection of implantation and other oral surgery appliances. Patients can enter the office after putting on hygienic shoe cover in the waiting room.

The most precise and aesthetic result is provided by a stabil, professional dental technician’s background and the personal presence of the technician, the patient and the dentist at the different phases of the treatment process.

In our office the precise and relaxed healing is ensured by paying a lot of attention to punctuality and scheduling the treatment processes. Our waiting room provides family members’ comfort, because our patients do not have to wait too long. You must arrive on time for your appointment because if you are late we cannot ensure your full treatment due to avoiding the delay of the next patient.


We pay attention to every little detail to ensure long term health as a result of our treatment to young, middle-aged and elderly patients who trust in us.