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Tooth Whitening 

Nowadays tooth whitening is very popular all around the world, because a beautiful smile is important for people of all ages. There are more and more facilities available from home whitening to professional whitening systems. You can choose from different options at different prices, and although the principle is the same, reliability is different.


The most reliable and the most attractive results have been achieved by ZOOM! Light Technology among several whitenig systems available. No wonder, this is the most widespread whitening system in Hollywood and smiles of almost all actors and actresses in American movies have been made perfect with ZOOM!

For those, who would like to get the same attractive results at home, I suggest Philips NiteWhite, DayWhite whitening system with a tray, which can be used by day or also by night. 

There are two options:
Home whitening with a tray system and professional Light Technology


Considering the result there is no significant difference between these two methods, but we can talk about two basically different treatments.
Among the Home Tray-systems for me the Nite white and Day white products have been the most effective, and these materials are two of the most popular and most often applied products. You must wear the tray  - individually made by the dentist - with Nite white during the night and with Day white two times 30-60 min. per day. This is one of the most effective materials at the most reasonable price, but the results depend on  the user’s patience. The period of whitening is approximately 2-3 weeks during which you should avoid smoking, as well as drinking or eating anything with colourings ( coke, redwine, meals with paprika and curry etc.). You just have to be very determined and you should avoid some of your habits, and the result will be fantastic! 


Professional ZOOM AP Light Technology
is really the convenient solution. 
The possibly whitest teeth (8 shades) can be reached within about 1 hour at the dentist’s office. In this case you must avoid smoking, eating and drinking coloured products only for two days. The only disadvantage of Light Technology, as that of all really outstanding, professional and convenient methods, is the price. Yes, you must pay for the quality and convenience. However, it’s worth considering, because if you have tried several home whitening systems with no results, it’s possible that you have spent much more time, money and energy for trying, than if you have visited the dentist and you have arrived home with a real Hollywood smile after 1 hour.




We offer the tray-system for those who have enough self-control for avoiding smoking, eating and drinking coloured products during whitening and who can manage their daily routine to have time for whitening each day or night.

Let’s make a short comparison: ZOOM Light Technology can achieve eight-shade whitening in 1-1,5 hour, whereas a similar result with the tray-system can be achieved in several weeks. With proper oral hygiene, the result of ZOOM Light Technology will be maintained for a lifetime. Depending on eating habits and lifestyle (smoking, drinking coffee) it’s advised to have maintaining tray-system treatment 1-2 times per year. We guarantee a million dollar smile for you for a lifetime! 

You can find the specification of Zoom! whitening technology on the www.zoomfeherites.hu url.



Clarity and versatility in Implantology

he success of implantation can be influenced by several factors. Certainly in most cases, backround diseases and internal medical problems in a medical history can significantly modify the potencial healing. However we must give an important role to the quality of bones, the amount of bones as well as space available. Considering all these factors, the proper type, size and implantation technique should be choosen.

There is another factor apart from the above ones, which is rarely in the focus, this is the issue of pollution in the surface of the titanium alloys, which can be found either in the alloys themselves or this can be in form of metal ions or chemicals. And if any pollution remains on the surface of implant during production it can cause inflammation of bones and soft tissues for sensitive patients (especially metal allergy) after the implantation. It might result in loss of the implant. The clarity of the surface and the proper implant and technique together insure the possibly safest and most successful implantation, considering any anchoring implants holding fixed dentures (even crowns or bridges) or o-ring implants providing removable denture fixing.

Any type of the Dentis implant system meets the strictest surface clarity tests, moreover the variability of the system insures unlimited freedom for dentists and patients as well.The family of Dentis implants is certified one of the cleanest surface implants in the world. 

Leaser treatment

Az N/V mikrolézer (lágyszövetlézer) használatával ínykorrekciók esetén illetve, ínyszél közelében levő szuvasodások ellátásakor rövidebb idő alatt tudunk sokkal jobb és szebb eredményt elérni . Nincs szükség ínyvarratokra sem, így együlésben elvégezhető számos, klasszikusan szikét igénylő beavakozás - véres vágás nélkül (pl. bölcsességfogak körüli duzzadt gyulladásra hajlamos íny eltávolítása). Egyszerűbb, gyermekkori ajakfék átmetszés akár érzéstelenítő zselé hatása alatt is elvégezhető – nincs feltétlenül szükség injekcióra.

Fontos felhívni a figyelmet a lézerfény mikrobaölő hatására, melynek segítségével gyulladt ínytasakokban jelentősen csökkenteni lehet a baktériumok számát, mely hatékonyan tudja támogatni a különféle parodontális kezelések sikerét is. A diódalézerek segítségével sikeresen lehet kezelni súlyos aphtákat, herpeses hólyagcsákat, fogsor által feltört nyálkahártya területeket – akár azonnal (egyszeri 4-5 percig tartó kezeléssel) fájdalommentessé is tehetők.